So, Things Didn’t Go As Planned

So, things didn’t go as planned, then again when do things go exactly as planned?

Life is unpredictable, the road ahead of us can easily fall into a different path, and in my honest opinion when good things happen in life generally it is because “plans didn’t work out”.

After attending a years of college to obtain my A.A and prerequisites for my healthcare programs. It was finally time to start applying for both of them. After weeks of preparation and an intensive interview, here I was awaiting a decision on the beaches of Thailand.

I came home from Thailand with a fiance and eager to start planning our future together. I came home from an email and a decision letter, only to be rejected from both programs because I was not up to par with the candidates with 4.0’s on their resume. I can’t lie as much as I would like to say I was all good, let’s face, rejection sucks. I can however tell you that I was disappointed but I was NOT that disappointed. As unusual as that sounds, its true. Because for the first time in a long time, I felt something that I hadn’t felt in years and that was freedom

I felt as if I held the world in my hands, a feeling that had been long gone for many years. I felt that I had options. I felt that maybe this was a sign… maybe I can finally start working towards what I am passionate about rather then a good yearly salary.

I had dreams and aspirations as a young girl. I knew a couple of things that I wanted in life, things that made my heart swell and creative passion flood freely from within.

I knew that I wanted to

  1. Help people
  2. Write
  3. Travel
  4. Build a brand
  5. Become my own boss


I LOVED to write, always. I loved to write when I was happy or when I was inspired even when I was down I wrote for needed clarity. Writing was not a hobby; it was my life. It is what kept me happy, it is the one thing I could turn to when I needed simplicity in life. When I lost the time to do this I turned to other things for ‘clarity’. I forgot who I was, I forgot the passion I had once had, I had lost my fire.

“Writing is not going to make a good career” people said, “Writing would not hold a roof over my head”, “Writing is a hobby you could do while working a 40-hour week job”, you name it I’ve heard it.

It was only after being rejected from these programs that I felt a bit of clarity. If these healthcare careers were certainly something I had wanted to do for the rest of my life then I wouldn’t have reacted so calm, so okay with the situation. I would be devastated and devastation is not what I felt.

So, things didn’t work out as planned and now I am taking a risk because what is life without risk? What is life without doing what you love, even if what you love means taking a chance. That leap of faith or that scary ledge that you step out on that everyone wants to talk you off of.

What is life without a purpose or passion?

So here I am today to do what I love most– planning adventures and sharing them with the world.

Signature Berry Lost


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