10 Things To Do In Koh Lanta Thailand on A Budget.

Koh Lanta is a small island just off of Krabi, Thailand. This island is gorgeous to simply put it. Koh Lanta has beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear water that will make you want to splash right in at first sight. Not only is this island gorgeous but it is also a island that most travelers overlook, which we happened to love. It was the perfect getaway after spending two nights in the bustling, crazy, drunken city of Bangkok, on Koh San Road to ring in the Thai New-Year. (but I’ll save that story for another post) Koh Lanta is a romantic getaway that can easily turn in to a lay around all day and drink pina colada’s type of trip. However, My fiancee and I are the exploring types. So here I have crafted the best things to do in Koh Lanta, Thailand on a budget.

1. Rent a scooter!

I seriously cannot stress this enough. We were on the island for 3 nights and we were so bummed that we hadn’t rented a scooter for all three days. This is the best way to explore the whole island. Also driving around this island seemed to be at a slower more safe pace than the other islands we visited, so dont be scurred! (just follow the traffic) We paid 300 THB/ $8.83 USD for the full day. SCORE! Money well spent, I say. I still consider renting the scooter to be one of the funnest days I had in Thailand.  Do this and visit all the off road beaches, bungalows, tree houses and markets! #bestdayever


2. Visit Rock Beach Bar

This bar is near the northern part of the island and we were lucky enough to be within walking distance of it, lets just say we became regulars. This bar is easily my favorite bar that I visited in Thailand. Rock bar was very relaxed and was definitely on “island time” from open to close. This bar is nestled upon rocky ocean side where they have seats and benches that overlook the beautiful Thai sea. Just go there, okay? Please.

Rock Beach Bar

3. Take a dip at Coco Cape Lanta Resort

We definitely did not stay at this resort, but when we go back someday I’m insisting on staying here. You’ll love it too because it is about 15 feet away from The Rock Beach Bar. This resort was quiet, filled with a super friendly staff and had an amazing infinity pool. Oh and their bar poor’s are mighty strong, Cheers!

Coco Cape Infinity pool

4. Find an off the road Beach

When you rent your scooter, definitely explore and explore all those off road places. We found the coolest little stretch of beach this way, we called it our little red road beach. We spent a good half day here buying beer from a little bungalow hut and soaking up those sweet Thai rays.

red road beach

and here is the bungalow where the Thai ladies sell beer, they were super sweet.

red road beach hut

and here were the friendly cows enjoying the view..


5. Visit the Local market

Here is where you will find the cheap goods and yummy fresh fruit! This market was nearly free from tourists and pretty much seemed like the locals market. They have delicious street food options as well as clothes and goods to keep you entertained. We ended up buying a dragon fruit and then left it in our scooter (sad day).

Local market

6. Find a Tree House

Again on our scooter day… we just happened to find a Tree house and we stayed there, enjoying the view in our hammocks, drinking a refreshing Chang from the motel downstairs. It was awesome!

Treehouse Chang

7. Get Some Lunch on Khlong Khong Beach

Khlong Khong was a beautiful white sanded beach with an assortment of beach side restaurants along the the way. There was also a ton of small mom and pop shops in the area if your in need of a little shopper high.

Khlong Khong beach

8. Enjoy the Sunsets and Get Caught in a Thai Storm

The sunsets were breathtaking here and the storms were exhilarating . While we stayed in Koh Lanta we got to experience the most awesome Thai storm. Huge thunder and lightning strikes lit up the black night, and soon after that we were running for our lives to take shelter from the pouring rain. When it rains, it pours, and it pours hard. This was the sunset we enjoyed right before.

Koh lanta sunset

9. Visit Koh Lanta Old Town

Koh Lanta Old Town is a little village that used to act as the main town for the island. Today, Lanta Old Town is considered a cultural highlight of the island. Old Town gives you a much better cultural experience rather than the stretch of touristy resorts. We were not able to get here as we were short on time, but this one my friends is still on my To-Do list for when we go back.


10. Take the 4 Island Tour

Saved the best one for last people! The four island tour was easily the highlight of our trip. This activity may cost a little bit more than my previous suggestions but I’m telling you that it is well worth the money. We got to explore 4 different islands while snorkeling the crystal clear waters. We also stopped off at a beautiful island where they served us lunch and refreshments. The highlight of this trip was with out a doubt the emerald cave. To get here you have to go through a pitch black cave to reach a beautiful little lagoon and yes we did smuggle in beer. I can now say I had a Chang in the Emerald Cave.


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    1. berrylost says:

      Me too! Perfect vaca place


  1. Cassie Marie says:

    Sounds amazing! I can imagine myself at rock beach bar now lol!


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