Explore Oregon’s One of a Kind Oneonta Gorge

This trip to Oneonta Gorge is a one of a kind hidden gem that is becoming increasingly more and more popular. Oneonta Gorge is a tucked away “hike” that leads you through a large, mossy basalt gorge and a beautiful organic underwater trek to a beautiful falls and swimming hole.

Even driving there was simply gorgeous, this area is filled with overgrown lush green forest on one side of the highway while on the other side you are blessed with the views of the beautiful Columbia river. We were cruising along the highway listening to The Beatles “Come Together” and I couldn’t help but think to myself “wow, this is just so beautiful, what amazing place to get lost”.

When you first arrive, you can park at the designated areas for the gorge and the many lush hikes and trails nearby. When you start walking towards the hike you are greeted with a little bit of history and this old mining bridge, it’s a great place to take a cheesy photo.




Right before the bridge is a little trail down to the creek. There may very possibly be some caution tape around it and a sign saying “danger” however, everyone just goes right passed it, so no worries. Once you get down you will be embraced by the frigid waters of Oneonta falls just ahead. First starting out we rambled across the rocks trying not to embrace the freezing waters below but soon you will be waist deep in these waters so my advice is to just jump right in and start the numbing process early.




(it was mighty cold)

Once you get a little bit further you will see the rather large looking log jam that you must climb over. Be careful the more hikers that are there, the more slippery the logs become.




After that you are again greeted by the even deeper waters of the gorge. To each side of you is emerald green mossy terrain. This beautiful basalt canyon will embark you on this water hike up to your waist.





Soon this canyon leads you straight to the picture worthy Oneonta Falls. It was breathtaking.


and of course our tradition remains to celebrate the scene with a beer, Cheers!


All photo credit goes to my amazing fiance Tucker Edwards King, follow him and his adventures on Instagram @tedwardsking


4 Comments Add yours

  1. M.Bellmore says:

    Excellent post! I’m in Oregon too and it is hard not to be in love with its beauty!


    1. berrylost says:

      Thank you and yes the scenery over here is magical, if you have time you have to check this place out. Just go early, there is a lot of traffic midday.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m waiting to go after tourist season. I moved here a few weeks ago but there’s always so many people!


    1. berrylost says:

      Yes we went early in the morning and though it was chilly there was no crowd.. on our way back there was a mess of people


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