8 Budget Hacks for your Trip to Thailand

So you don’t want to spend your entire savings on your trip to Thailand? Here are 8 budget tips to help you along the way!


1. Do Not Stay in a Resort

This is obvious, however essential if you are looking to seriously save. There are plenty of hostels to stay at starting at $5 a night. We did stay in a couple resorts because we figured this would be the best pricing we will ever get to stay at such beautiful places. We looked and booked beforehand on Agoda (the holy grail of cheap resort accommodation) which brings me to #2

2. Book on Agoda

I had never heard of this site until about 2 months before we left for Thailand. This is the best way to find cheap accommodation if you’re looking to stay somewhere a bit nicer than a hostel. We looked online for about 5 months and decided not to book because the hotels and resorts were more expensive than people were claiming. Then we stumbled upon Agoda, we saved hundreds of dollars a night on this site. Check it out, you will be amazed.


3. Do Not Buy in Your Resort

If you decide to stay in a resort, do not buy in a resort. This seems obvious but sometimes it becomes too easy to just buy liquor and food inside your resort( Guilty). Easy yes but if you venture a little outside your resort you will find way cheaper food and beverage as well as you will have a better experience and better tasting food.

4. Eat Street Food

Street food in Thailand is #amazeballs and way cheaper than getting food at any restaurant, so fill up on pad thai and exotic fresh fruit. Yum!

5. Bargain, Always

Never, ever except full price because they will always go down (ALWAYS!). I was quite uncomfortable when it came to bargaining, however, you get used to it. It never hurts to ask! #Nike #Justdoit

6. Buy Ferry Tickets at the Ferry

There are thousands of booths in the cities of Thailand selling ferry tickets, don’t do it! Tickets are much cheaper to just wait and buy your ferry tickets at the ferry docks.

7. Buy Beer at the 7-11

This was the cheapest place we found beer and alcohol and they are usually everywhere in Thailand. But be aware of the times that you can buy alcohol, most places would not sell to us before 11 am.

8. Bring Laundry Detergent

If you are staying longer than a week I would suggest bringing your own laundry detergent. Hotels and resorts will do your laundry for a pretty penny and they legitimately make you pay for each piece. I suggest doing your own laundry in the sink and letting it dry outside.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. abroadlesstraveled says:

    Great post! I’m traveling to Australia for a few months and really hoping to do an excursion to Thailand. I’ll be sure to reference this post again if I end up going!


    1. berrylost says:

      Thank you abroadlesstraveled! Did you ever end up going to Thailand!?


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