5 Enchanting Lake Hikes you must Explore in the PNW

Are you as enthralled by getting lost with a lake as much as I am?

I don’t know exactly what it is, but there is just something so magical about working your ass off on a blistering hot day, in the enchanting forest of the Pacific North West, to end up at such a serene and enchanting body of water.

Finishing off a hike at one of these nostalgic lakes gives such a sense of calm, serenity and peace. It makes you want to open your arms to mother nature; to love, surrender and breathe her in… or maybe take a dip.

So without further ado,

Here are your top 5 PNW lake hikes to get lost with this summer…


1. Reflection Lake

Distance: 2.75 Mile Loop

Reflection Lake by Ian McRae

Photo Credit: Ian McRae


2. Lake Serene

Distance: 8.2 Mile Roundtrip

Lake Serene by alltrails.com

Photo Credit: Alltrails.com


3. Lake 22

Distance: 5.2 Miles Roundtrip

Lake 22 by Michael Matti

Photo Credit: Michael Matti


4. Blanca Lake

Distance: 7.5 Miles Roundtrip

Blanca Lake



5. Colchuck Lake

Distance: 8.0 Miles Roundtrip

Cochuck Lake by Egor.Gudaev

Photo Credit: Egor.Gudaev


Lets get lost.


5 Comments Add yours

    1. berrylost says:

      Thank you Kelly! I definitely have a bucket list of hikes this summer!


      1. Kelly MacKay says:

        Wonderful, I’ll look forward to reading about them


  1. hikeminded says:

    majestic pictures! The mirroring is fabulous.


    1. berrylost says:

      Thank you hikeminded! They are not my photos but I do have the artist below each one if you wanted to check their work out!

      Liked by 1 person

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