Hi! I’m Crystal, and I started this journey to obtain my dream and passion to Get Lost.

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In 2017 I had just finished my third year of college and was finally ready to apply to my healthcare programs. After an intensive interview and an equally intensive application process we decided to get lost in Thailand (my first international trip).

Thailand changed my life. It had opened up a world of opportunities that I had never believed to be obtainable. Thailand is where I caught the travel bug and I caught it hard. I arrived home, engaged and happier than ever.



I came home to, two separate rejection letters from what I thought was going to be my career forever. (Sad, I know)

My life had just been flipped and as distraught as I should have been… I really wasn’t distraught at all… Weird, right? Well like I said Thailand changed my life and from the moment we stepped off that plane I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and most importantly I believed it was possible.

This is my journey of escaping the path that I “should” take and deciding to finally follow my dreams.

Berry Lost launched in 2017 as a community for wanderers, explorers, mother nature enthusiasts, foodies, gym devotees, adventure seekers, life lovers, travelers and gypsy’s. This site is here to provide inspiration for people with the dream to travel, get outside more and live the life you want to live.

Berry Lost has easily become my obsession, my dream and most importantly my passion. I have a dream to share my adventures with the world in hopes to inspire more people to step outside of the box and follow their dreams no matter how risky the consequences.

So what do you say we get lost together?

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